The Ten Shades of Blues

Decca (2009)

When Richard Bona‘s new album Ten Shades Of Blues appears this autumn, ten years will have gone by since his first project, Scenes From My Life (released in 1999), a whole decade. In the case of Cameroonian bassist and singer Richard Bona, it’s not so easy to condense a decade into just a few short lines because the man is such a multiple character, with many lives impelled by his permanent curiosity and desire to play. And each of these traits lies at the heart of his latest recording to date, an album devoted to the blues and “its key notes that can be recognized in all cultures.” So here we have a new album open to all kinds of encounters, a record on which Richard Bona is our guide taking us on a tour with his Indian, country and jazz musicians to the four corners of the earth…

“I like each of my albums to have a theme, a project behind it. This time I chose the blues. I look at the blues from the universal angle: you can find it in Africa, in America and in India. People put a style to it, a style with guitar and vocals. But I see it first as a scale, one that’s present in different traditions and expressions in music. Ten Shades Of Blues means ten nuances, ten different ways of playing the blues.”


01. Take One (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

02. Shiva Mantra (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

03. Good Times (Richard Bona – Frank McComb) Universal Music France (SACEM)

04. Mbemba Mama (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

05. Kurumalete (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

06. Souleymane (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

07. African Cowboy (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

08. Esukudu (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

09. Yara’s Blues (Richard Bona – Morely Kamen) Universal Music France (SACEM)

10. Sona Moyo (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)

11. Camer Secrets (Richard Bona) Universal Music France (SACEM)